Lumo Lift Vibration Modes Android

What is Coach Vibrations and how do I use it?

Coach Vibrations is the main feature of the Lumo Lift that will provide vibrational feedback for your posture. The Lumo Lift will vibrate when it detects slouching, but the time delay in which it provides the vibration is customizable so that you can tailor your experience to what feels right to you.

You can change the delay under Menu > Coach Vibrations in the Lift app, and the time delay options are anywhere between 3 seconds to 10 minutes. A shorter delay like 3 seconds will feel like an intense training session for your posture, while a longer delay like 2 minutes will be more of a posture reminder.

Your Lumo Lift will only provide vibrational feedback for your posture if Coach Vibrations is turned on. You can do this through the Lift app under ‘Coach’ or directly through your sensor by press and holding the sensor for 3 seconds. The Lumo Lift will give you 1 short buzz to let you know that you’ve turned Coach Vibrations on, and 2 short buzzes to let you know that you’ve turned it off.