Lumo Lift Troubleshoot iOS

My Lumo Lift won’t charge.

Please follow these steps to see if this solves your issues:

  1. Hold down the button for 4 seconds to wake the unit from sleep.
  2. Place the unit on the charger, give it a minute and make sure a red or green light appears on the LED.
  3. If it’s a red light, allow the unit to charge for 4 hours or until a green light appears.
  4. If there is no light, unplug the charger and plug it into a different USB port or power source. This will reset the charger in case there is an issue with it.
  5. If, after moving the charger you still do not see any lights, allow the unit to sit on the charger for at least 30 mins and again hold down the button for 4 seconds.

If all of these steps are unsuccessful then there is likely a problem with the unit itself. Please contact our support team so that we can help you troubleshoot further.

My Lumo Lift won’t stop buzzing.

For best results, make sure to Align your Lumo Lift frequently. Your Lumo Lift detects posture by looking for deviations to the posture you Aligned your sensor in, so aligning frequently gives your sensor the most accurate, up-to-date information on what posture to look for. We recommend aligning your sensor each morning, every time you change clothes, every time you change positions (sitting to standing, vice versa), before turning on Coach Vibrations, etc.

Please note that your Lumo Lift will only vibrate repeatedly if you have Coach Vibrations turned on. If you did not intentionally turn on Coach Vibrations, it is possible that you accidentally activated it by pressing and holding the button on your Lumo Lift sensor. For example, it is possible that a backpack, small child, purse, or seatbelt strap might accidentally turn on Coach Vibrations.

To turn off Coach Vibrations, simply press and hold the button on your sensor for 3 seconds. You will feel two short buzzes as a confirmation.

I can’t get my Lumo Lift to connect.

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connection of your Lumo Lift:

1) Ensure that you are using a compatible mobile device. Lumo Lift is currently compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 plus
  • iPod Touch (5th gen)
  • iPads (3rd/4th gen)
  • iPad Mini and iPad Air

2) Toggle your Bluetooth off and then on again. You can access this under Settings > Bluetooth.

3) Restart your Lumo Lift app by following these steps: Double-press the home button on your iPhone or iPad. This will launch a view of all of the apps that you have open. Scroll right to find the Lumo Lift app, then swipe that screen up toward the top of your screen. This will close the Lumo Lift app. Re-open your Lumo Lift app.

If you are still experiencing issues after killing/re-opening the app, please try the following:

1) Delete the Lift app from your device. To delete the app, press and hold down the Lumo Lift icon, then when the ‘x’ shows up, press that, and this will delete the app. (iOS)

2) Re-install the Lift app

3) Perform a hard reset of your device. Place your Lumo Lift in the charging dock, and press down on the button for 15 second. You’ll see a series of flashing lights.

Please note: performing a hard reset of the device will erase all un-synced data from the sensor.