Lumo Lift Accuracy Windows

What does it mean to Align my Lumo Lift and how do I do it?

To Align your Lumo Lift, get into your best posture and double tap your sensor. You’ll receive three quick buzzes to let you know that you’ve successfully aligned your Lift. Our recommendation is to do this every time you change positions so that the Lumo Lift knows what to look for in each position that you’re in. For example, align your lift when you sit down, and again if you change positions to standing.

To learn more about how to get into good posture and what good posture is, please visit our blog: How to get into good posture.

My Lumo Lift doesn’t seem accurate when detecting posture.

For best results, make sure to Align your Lumo Lift frequently. Your Lumo Lift detects posture by looking for deviations to the posture you Aligned your sensor in, so aligning frequently gives your sensor the most accurate, up-to-date information on what posture to look for.

We recommend aligning your sensor each morning, every time you change clothes, every time you change positions (sitting to standing, vice versa), before a Coaching Session, etc.

Please note that your Lumo Lift will only vibrate repeatedly if you are in a Coaching Session. If you did not intentionally start a Coaching Session, it is possible that you accidentally activated a Coaching Session by pressing and holding the button on your Lumo Lift sensor. For example, it is possible that a backpack, small child, purse, or seatbelt strap might accidentally trigger a Coaching Session.

To end a Coaching Session and stop vibrations, simply press and hold the button on your sensor. You will feel two short buzzes as a confirmation.