Lumo Back Troubleshoot

iOS Can’t connect the app to the sensor. What do I do?

If you haven’t worn your Lumo Back in a while, make sure that it is charged. You can check this by tapping the touch button on the sensor (the circle to the right of the Lumo logo on the front of the Lumo Back sensor)— the LED light will turn green if it has more than a day’s worth of charge.

If it’s not the battery, try the following:

  1. Turn the Bluetooth on your iOS device off and then on again through the iOS Settings icon. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Off/On in your iOS device.
  2. Close the app completely by double clicking the menu button to view all open apps. Find the Lumo Back icon, and then swipe the Lumo Back app up and away. This will close the Lumo Back app completely.
  3. Restart the Lumo Back app by finding it on your iOS device and re-opening it.
  4. If this doesn’t work, trying turning your Apple device off completely, and then turning it back on.

Accuracy issues. What do I do?

We suggest you do the following in the Lumo Back app, in this order:

  1. Go to Connect & Calibrate tab > Calibrate > Reorient Lumo sensor.
  2. Go to Connect & Calibrate tab > Calibrate > Reset Good Sitting Posture & Reset Good Standing Position.
  3. Test out the vibration sensitivity by adjusting the slouch slider in the advanced vibration control menu.

Hard Reset:
A hard reset is accomplished by doing the following:

  • Plug in your Lumo Back sensor to a power source.
  • Hold the touch button on the Lumo Back sensor for 10 seconds (the touch button is the circle to the right of the Lumo logo on the front of the Lumo Back sensor).
  • The sensor will vibrate and the LED light will flash several different colors to indicate that your Lumo Back sensor has been reset.

Doesn’t vibrate at all.

Make sure that the vibration is turned on in the Lumo Back app and that your Lumo Back sensor is on. Please go to your Lumo screen make sure you vibration is on, if it is you will see “Vibrate ON” in the upper right hand corner.

Also remember that Lumo will vibrate at 4 and 11 seconds and then stop until you reset yourself to the correct position again (when Lumo is green).

Why is there a short delay between my movements and what the Lumo avatar shows in the app?

The Lumo Back sensor needs to calculate your movements to understand what you are doing, and then the Bluetooth wireless technology must transfer that information to your iOS device. With these two factors, there is generally a 1-2 second delay between your actual movements and the Lumo avatar mirroring your movements in the app.