The Lumo Platform

At Lumo Bodytech, our mission is to give your body a voice. We unlock the body’s full potential by utilizing our technology to measure, inform, and provide real-time insights on human movement for a healthier you. We started by building products that truly benefit the end user, such as Lumo Lift for posture, and Lumo Run for running. But we create more than just consumer products — we are building the easiest-to-use, most robust architecture and platform that power our products, and our partners’ products.

Algorithms that can read body movement.

Lumo builds powerful algorithms that focus on the biomechanics of movement, so that we understand not just how much people move, but exactly what it is that they are doing. We can take this data and provide insights back to our customers on what they can do to improve. This is the core of our expertise, and from this core, we can help you showcase and highlight information that is meaningful to you and your customers.

The Technology Stack

Lumo’s versatile platform is a vertically integrated technology stack that’s ready to power almost any wearable or biomechanics related application. We have robust expertise in hardware, firmware, algorithms, mobile and desktop apps, and cloud, all rolled up into one service. 

The versatility of our technology gives our partners the most flexibility in a variety of markets, including consumer electronics, apparel, sports and workplace safety. Whether you are looking for just biomechanical measurement through our algorithms, or an entire integrated solution for your product, we can help meet those needs.

Cloud — The Lumo Cloud provides software as a service that enables lifecycle management for the firmware, data storage, machine learning and predictive analysis of the data for retrieval and presentation. In short, this is how we make the data we collect for you smart and actionable.
Applications — The applications are how the customer experiences and interacts with their data and insights. It provides the connectivity between the hardware and cloud.
Algorithms — Our algorithms are what accurately measure biomechanical movement, and tell our customers exactly what kinds of movements they are making. The algorithms sit within the hardware, and are a central tenet of our core expertise.
Hardware — This is the physical product, and houses the different sensor technologies that we use. The hardware is placed on the body, clothing, or other objects which enable the measurements of movement.
We have experience integrating our data and technology with other companies, and have worked with academic experts to build robust biomechanical models, products, and services.

“Our new scientific work has revealed a number of key metrics of running technique that differentiate faster and more efficient runners, which was previously unknown. To turn these exciting findings into a practical benefit for runners the Loughborough team and Lumo Bodytech have been consulting with elite level coaches and runners to develop Lumo run. Avid runners will now be able to access lab-level feedback thanks to the technology developed by Lumo Bodytech.” – Dr. Jonathan Folland, PhD, Loughborough University

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