Your Guide to Lumo Lift

A comprehensive guide to Lumo Lift — everything you need to know about your posture coach, and how to use it as the tool for success in improving your health.

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The Lumo Lift sensor and clasp

Your Lumo Lift is a small, magnetic wearable device that tracks your posture and daily activity. For best results, wear your Lumo Lift on a snug fit shirt (or undershirt/bra) by clipping on the sensor using the magnetic clasp. The sensor should be worn right below your collarbone and close to your body for most accurate posture detection.

Download the Lumo Lift companion app

Download of the Lumo Lift companion app, available for iOS/iPhone and select Android devices, to view your posture and activity data, as well as customize settings to best fit your lifestyle.  The app connects to the sensor via Bluetooth LTE and guides you through the setup process. 

Download the Lumo Lift app to get started today!

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What's in the box?

Lumo Lift Sensor

All the magic happens here.

USB Charger

Empty to full in a few hours.

Silver Magnetic Clasp

Works like a magnetic pin.

Black Magnetic Clasp

Like the silver one, but black.

How do I wear it?


Remove square magnetic clasp from Lumo Lift sensor.


Place Lumo Lift sensor against your body right below your collarbone. Clip in place using magnetic clasp.


Get into good posture and single-press your Lumo Lift to set your target posture and you’re good to go!

What is good posture?

Practicing good posture starts by understanding what good posture is. To get into good posture, imagine your head is being pulled straight up by a string. Lift your chest slightly and draw in your chin. To learn more about what good posture is and why it’s so important, click here.

Setting your Target Posture

The Lumo Lift uses sophisticated angle displacement as a measure to tell when you are in and out of good posture. This means that as great as the Lumo Lift is at coaching you on your posture, you have to teach it what good posture looks like on you first so that it has a baseline posture to compare against.

Just as you would before getting on a weight scale, the Lumo Lift needs to be calibrated before use to get accurate feedback on your posture. We refer to this as setting your target posture, and you can do this by single-pressing your Lumo Lift against your body. 

The 3 C's

1. Collarbone

Make sure to wear your Lumo Lift about 1/2″-1″ below your collarbone, mid-way between the tip of your shoulder and your neck. This is where you’ll see best results for accurate posture detection.

2. Clothing

Wear your Lumo Lift solely with snug-fitting clothes, as loose clothing causes inaccurate readings of your posture (as Lift tracks your garment instead of your body).

See: How to Wear Your Lumo Lift

3. Calibration

Wherever you end up wearing your Lumo Lift, the most important part about your Lift routine is its frequent calibration — or “setting your target posture”, as we call it. The Lumo Lift uses angle displacement as the main measure of posture, so it requires re-calibration of the device, similar to a weight scale.

Set your target posture when you change clothing, first thing in the morning when you sit in your office chair, when you switch chairs, etc. Simply get into your best posture, then firmly single-press your Lumo Lift against your body. 3 short buzzes – you’ve set your target posture.



Compatible with iOS 10 and newer, and Android devices running 5.0 or newer.

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