Corporate Wellness


Lumo BodyTech directly works with employers, as well as through the major health insurers and wellness program providers, to provide exclusive posture-related insights as well as activity tracking data (steps, distance, calories). Equipped with the world’s largest online posture database, Good posture can make your employees more engaged, energetic and productive, as well as less prone to injury and missed work days.

Corporate Gifting

Lumo Lift’s flexible, magnetic design provides you with the opportunity to customize the clasp with your company logo, flag or emblem. It’s a great gift and a promotional product for employees and clients alike. An employee in good posture is a better representative of your corporate brand.


Lumo Lift is unique in its ability to support proper ergonomics in the workplace, whether at the office or on the go. We work with human resources, ergonomic experts and partners such as Workrite Ergonomics to help alleviate long term, posture-related issues, complement ergonomic seating and accessories, and deliver ROI on future, ergo-related purchases.

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Good Posture and its Wealth of Benefits to the Workplace