What Do You Stand For?

What Do You Stand For?

We are so thrilled to report that in the 10 days since we launched our crowd-funding campaign for the newest member of the Lumo family, Lumo Lift, we have received well over 5,000 pre-orders and have more than doubled our funding goal of $200,000. Wow! We could not have done it without your support and we can’t thank you enough.

To celebrate, we’re giving back. The Lumo team has chosen three charities that we’re passionate about, and we’ve created special edition Lift clasp packs in their honor. When you order one, we will donate 100% of the profits to that charity. Now, Lumo Lift will let you show the world what you stand for and do good while looking great!

charityclaspsAvon Foundation: Sport these fun pink clasps to show your support for the Avon Foundation’s amazing work fighting against breast cancer and domestic violence. Even better, wear them with your Lift while you join the battle against breast cancer by racking up some major steps in an Avon Breast Cancer Walk.

Michael J. Fox Foundation: Support the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s incredible efforts to find a cure for the one-million Americans living with Parkinson’s disease. You’ll look great in Team Fox colors while you participate in one of their many athletic fundraising events.

American Cancer Society: For 100 years, the American Cancer Society has lead the movement to stamp out cancer. When you proudly wear these red and blue clasps, you’ll help to fund their numerous efforts in early detection, treatment, education, and patient support. Continue your support, while honoring the people in your life who have been affected by cancer, by joining one of their inspirational Relay for Life events.

 What Do You Stand For? – Donate Now!

Thank you so much for your support!

The Lumo Team

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About Tansy

Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.


  • Cam Macduff
    Cam Macduff

    Kudos to you for your charitable work. Well done.

  • KarenSantaFe

    This is truly brilliant marketing! I think some other groups that represent patients with joint / muscular maladies (I am one of those people) should also be included. Ex. The Arthritis Foundation, http://www.Pituitary.org, immune disorders, etc. They could do promos with you, and those sets have to be fairly easy to switch out colors on.

    Also licensed images (Star Trek pin, anyone?) and inspirational / funny icons. Short sayings, like “Need A Hug?” – it’s kind of like the return of the pin from the 1960s, with a tech twist. A fun surface to play with, in so many ways.

  • JasonStone1

    This is cool but I think that the consumer should be able to decide which charity it would like to send it’s share too instead of having to choose from the elitist list of “approved charities.” I should be able to list my church or other fav charity instead of being cattle prodded into the mass conformity of group think and agenda driven charity work. I know a great therapeutic riding program that would be deserving of an investment. This is why I applaud the attempt to marry social good with capitalism but it fails when the social good is limited to a select few instead of the directly connected charity of my true choice. this is why I’ll wait for better options.

    • DenverDaisy

      Seriously JasonStone1? You can donate to the charities of your choice at
      any time, with your own money. The fact that a company is offering the option to donate to a charity is commendable. To berate them because they can’t work out the logistics of sending $5 to your local church is ridiculous. If you can’t handle that a charity is going to get money for a product you were already going to buy, just because it isn’t on YOUR elite list, then don’t buy it. But don’t claim you are being cattle prodded into kindness. Spread your negativity somewhere else.

      • MDINMN

        um it is Jason’s money… he’s paying for the product… and I don’t think he’s being negative. Perhaps Daisy it’s your anger that is being revealed. The suggestion that you could go to a larger list to check off where you want YOUR money to go, is a good idea.

    • bob

      Adventures in missing the ENTIRE point…give an offering directly to your church or favorite charitable cause, Jason. It is better if you do it that way anyway, tax-wise. You can deduct that, but not what Lumo gives. They are just trying to be good citizens of this earth. Not sure what brought your rant on, but it certainly doesn’t put you in your best light.

      Thank you for your conscience, Lumo.

  • Joshua Tan Siew Meng
    Joshua Tan Siew Meng

    Hi Lumo, I wish (like the many others that wrote in, I am sure) that Lift was available in more countries, like Malaysia. I will get one RIGHT NOW, if it’s available.

  • chicagopder

    Any idea whether the Lumo lift can be worn if a person with Parkinson’s has a DBS? Concerned about the magnet. THANK YOU for this amazing innovation

    • The Lumo Team
      The Lumo Team

      You should definitely ask your doctor about using Lift with a pacemaker or DBS. We have a team member with a pacemaker who has been able to wear her Lift on the right side of her chest, but definitely consult your doctor regarding your medical devices. And thanks for the support!

  • srh

    Love this idea! Can you do purple for Alzheimers Research?

  • JSMarvin9

    I would like the epilepsy foundation (seizures) included. (Their color is purple) We are getting more notice due to current and former NFL players suffering from head injuries as well as soldiers returning from war. So many people have epilepsy and so many afflicted have trouble “standing tall” because of the stigma associated with the disorder. About 1/3 of people with epilepsy are not surgical candidates and medications do not work to control their seizures. 1 in 26 Americans develop epilepsy. 50,000 people die every year due to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Epilepsy). Like anyone I could go on and on listing stats. Although it is epilepsy that is the foundation close to my heart and always on my “brain” 🙂 I applaud LUMO for creating the opportunity and forum to highlight my charity. I am very excited to get my LUMO!

    • Pawley

      I agree with you 100%. I have a son that has epilepsy, so for me, it’s personal. It doesn’t hurt that purple is my favorite color too! 😀

  • Erica

    Maybe some international charities for those of us outside the US?

  • Chantelle Paige Turner
    Chantelle Paige Turner

    My daughter has Cerebral Palsy and I would love to see that as a Charity option!

  • Jenny

    Can I wear one if I have a pacemaker? Does it have a magnet?

    • The Lumo Team
      The Lumo Team

      Hi Jenny,

      Yes, Lift is magnetic and attaches using a magnetic clasp. Please consult your doctor about using Lift in conjunction with any medical device.



  • Jenny

    Can it be attached to a pin instead of a magnet?

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