Welcome to Lumo Lift — 14 Tips to Get You Started


Welcome to the Lumo Lift Community! Here’s a list of 14 useful tips to get you started on your journey to great posture and improved health.

To learn more about the features of the Lumo Lift, visit our Lumo Lift 101 blog post.

Tip #1: Wearing your Lumo Lift
Wearing your Lumo Lift the correct way is vital in getting the most accurate feedback on your posture.

For best results, affix your Lumo Lift on your clothing right below your collarbone. Place the larger oval sensor behind your clothing, close to your body, in either orientation (horizontal or vertical) and secure it in place by using the magnetic clasp over your clothing. You can also wear your Lumo Lift on your bra strap by using the plastic white bra clasp. Click here to watch the video.

Tip #2: Align Frequently
Aligning your Lumo Lift frequently is one of the most important parts of using your Lumo Lift. You can align your sensor by getting into your best posture and double-tapping your sensor against your body (similar to double-clicking your mouse).

Great times to Align your sensor are: whenever you change clothes, switch between sitting and standing positions, and before you turn on Coach Vibrations. We recommend Aligning often so that your Lumo Lift constantly has the most accurate and up-to-date information on what to look for.

To learn more about how to get into good posture, click here.

Tip #3: Coach Vibrations

Coach Vibrations, when turned on, provides vibrational feedback for your posture. One of the perks of this feature is that the time delay for posture feedback is customizable to fit your lifestyle best.

Try a short delay like 3 seconds for intense posture training, or opt for a longer delay for subtle posture reminders throughout the day. Our recommendation is to start with 2 minutes and work your way down to a shorter delay as your posture improves over time.

Tip #4: Charge Up

Your Lumo Lift needs some rest from time to time too. The battery life is designed to last 5 days, however, the more you use your Lumo Lift the faster the battery will run low. You can check how much battery is left on your Lumo Lift through your Lift app under Sensor.

We recommend charging your Lumo Lift regularly. Leave your charging dock by your bedside, or next to your computer at your office and set aside a time to charge your Lumo Lift. This will help you keep track of your Lumo Lift.

Tip #5: Name that Buzz
We know it takes some time to get used to all of the different features and vibrations of your Lumo Lift. Here’s a quick list of how to communicate with your Lumo Lift:

Aligning your sensor → double press sensor → 3 buzzes to confirm

Turn on Coach Vibrations → hold down sensor for 3 seconds → 1 buzz

Turn off Coach Vibrations → hold down sensor for 3 seconds → 2 buzz

Tip #6: Buzz your Lift

One of the great things about the Lumo Lift is how small and discreet it is — but that also means it can be tricky to find when it is accidentally misplaced.

To prevent accidental loss, pick a permanent “home” for your Lumo Lift and make it part of a consistent routine. For example, when you change out of your daywear into your sleepwear, put the Lift in the docking station by your bed. Put it on each morning when you are dressing, the same way you would with jewelry or an accessory. Building consistent daily routines like this can help prevent your Lumo Lift from getting lost or accidentally taking a trip through your washing machine.

Remember, your Lumo Lift can sweat, but it can’t swim!

If your Lumo Lift does get lost, a great way to locate yourLift is to use the “Buzz Lumo Lift” function through your iOS Lift app.

As long as your Lumo Lift hasn’t run out of battery and is within Bluetooth range, you can use this button to buzz your Lumo Lift remotely. Hold down the “Buzz Me” button and listen carefully to guide yourself to your buzzing Lumo Lift.

Tip # 7: Lift in Style
Your Lumo Lift can be worn as an accessory or can go totally undetected depending on your style and mood. Use the white strap clip to wear your Lumo Lift discreetly on your undergarments (like a bra or tank top) or choose to show off your Lumo Lift with the sleek, square magnetic clasps.

You can also mix and match the different colored clasps (available at our Lift store) to add a little personal flair to your Lumo Lift. The magnetic clasps can be stackable, so wear two at a time, or combine a Jewelry Clasp with a square clasp for some added sparkle.

Bonus: We’ve heard from some of our customers that stacking your clasps makes the magnets stronger and secures the Lumo Lift better. Great for vigorous activity and exercising!

Tip #8: Slump Time
Prepare for the 2 pm slump and be extra-mindful of your posture. Post-lunch and early afternoon, when the day begins to catch up to you, is an easy time for all of us to slip out of the mentality of practicing great posture.

Challenge yourself to a shorter delay in Coach Vibrations for the rest of the afternoon to keep your mind alert and help you stay sitting and standing tall. If you’re feeling extra sluggish, try going for a brisk 15 minute walk to lift your mood and power through the rest of your day.

Bonus: Going for a quick walk is a much healthier and more proactive approach to staying alert than having your second (or third!) cup of coffee or a sugary snack.

Tip #9: Mix it Up
There’s a time and place for both actively practicing great posture and for giving yourself a little break; the goal is to mix it up. Places like your couch and even your car seat by their nature aren’t designed for optimal spine positioning, and poor posture can be unavoidable — but that’s okay!

Think of practicing good posture as a workout: rewarding yourself with a healthy snack or small portions of an indulgent treat after a tough workout is encouraged, especially in building consistent gym habits. However, binge eating on unhealthy meals is always counterproductive to your health, regardless of how intensely you exercise.

The same goes for your posture. On occasion, it’s perfectly acceptable to kick back and relax, or be in a less than ideal position for your spine — there is no need to spend all day as if you’ve swallowed a ruler. Regardless of how great your posture is throughout the day, you should never be spending an extended period of time with a rounded back and shoulders. i.e., No Hunching!

If you do find yourself in a place where you can’t be in great posture, opt for leaning back rather than forward, frequently move around to change positions, take breaks and use additional support when you can. This will prevent stiff muscles and unnecessary tension in your neck.

Tip #10: Posture Perfect Office
Healthy habits can be difficult to maintain, especially if you’re taking the journey alone. Get your workplace on board with healthy posture habits by making it part of your company culture. Talk to your company or department and make a group commitment to better posture practices at your office. Everyone can benefit from increased productivity and some extra energy!

Tip #11: Set Yourself Up for Success
Environment plays a huge role in your posture success — it can be as simple as finding the right chair or monitor risers at your office. If you work from home, this could mean finding a space within your home or remote office location where you can work in a back-friendly position.

Wherever you’re working from, be sure to align your sensor each time you change positions!

Tip #12: Hunchback to Sixpack
Trade in your hunchback for six-pack abs! Being mindful of your posture and making a conscious effort to sit up straight engages your core and helps you build rock hard abs.

You may have noticed in the first couple of days of wearing your Lumo Lift that your abs began feeling a little sore. This tends to happen as you are suddenly focusing your attention to sitting up straight, and this uses muscles that you haven’t actively engaged before. Practicing good posture will exercise these muscle groups and help develop your abs to support your spine better.

Overtime, you’ll build enough abdominal strength and muscle memory that good posture will become second nature to you. The key is repetition and consistency. So don’t give up and keep actively practicing good posture with your Lumo Lift — your body will thank you!

Tip #13: Get moving!
Here at Lumo BodyTech, we believe that the best posture is the next posture. Spending a long period of time in any position is not ideal for your health — get active and make a conscious effort to frequently move around throughout the day.

Take as many micro breaks during your workday as you need and do a quick stretch or go for a short walk around the office. Moving increases blood flow around your body and brain and can actually increase productivity and energy.

Tip #14: Reach out to us
Send us a quick email at support@lumobodytech.com or contact us through our support page if you have any questions or concerns about the Lumo Lift — we love hearing from you!

Click here to see some of our most common questions and answers.

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