Lumo 2015 Posture Challenge: Week 3


Welcome to week 3 of the Lumo 2015 Workplace Posture Challenge! Below you will find the third week’s activity schedule and links to the exercise descriptions. At the bottom of the page we have some additional success tips. To see the tasks or descriptions from Week 1, click here or for Week 2, click here. To visit the YouTube video playlist Click Here.

Week 3 Blog


  • Align – Align early and often. In addition to aligning as soon as you put your sensor on for the day, periodically double tap your sensor when you are in good posture throughout the day. During a long coaching session, particularly if you are active or changing from sitting to standing position, or if you feel you are experiencing an excessive number of buzzes, it’s time to align. Click here for more information.


  • Desk Jam (seated or standing) – Be the life of the office! For the brave of heart, put on a song that gets you energized at your desk (earphones are optional) and take a few minutes to boogie. This is easiest to do at a standing desk, but if you prefer to play it down you can do it in your chair or as an  upbeat trip to the water cooler with your favorite jam. Whatever you’re comfortable with, get your body moving with this fun and uplifting activity.
  • Workday 2,000 – Before the end of your workday aim to reach 2,000 steps. You can use a 500 steps/5min session and a lunch stroll to help meet part of your goal, but also focus on just being more generally active during the day. To track your step goal you can set a custom goal in the Lumo Lift iOS app. For instructions Click Here.
  • Chin Up to Text Mobile devices can wreak havoc on your spine. To alleviate the stress on your neck and back from hunching forward to text, move your phone to a position parallel to your head. Extend your arms out to your sides and rotate your palms upward. Next, move both arms forward and slightly bend your elbows, until your phone is at eye level and your arms are resting on your body. Practice texting or emailing this way so that you develop healthy habits.

Celebrate Success

We spend so much time dealing with what stresses us out that often we don’t take time for success. Seize the moment to say to yourself “I am so awesome!” whenever you do great things. Finishing a project, coming up with a creative idea, or performing a kindness are all causes to celebrate.

Don’t be down on yourself!

Although Joan Rivers made a career out of it, self-deprecation can be extremely destructive. Be wary when you are using it to inject comedy or to communicate modesty. Putting yourself down, even in jest, can have a negative impact on the way your colleagues see you. More importantly, it can have a negative impact on the way you see yourself subconsciously.

Men have better posture than women

Ladies! Setting the larger discussions aside, through evaluating our user data we know that women have 20% WORSE posture than men. Our advice – Get out there and strut! Pull those shoulders back and be unapologetic about good posture. Don’t downplay your personal power.

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