Here’s What You Missed at The Women’s Leadership Summit

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What’s trending this week?

Dreamforce ’15, Salesforce’s Women’s Leadership Summit, was just last week. Powerful and inspiring women leaders from companies like Eventbrite, Youtube, and Stitchfix came together to speak about their experiences as women in tech and business, as well as their take on the importance of gender diversity in the workplace. Here’s the take away.

10 Women Who Rule The World With Power Poses

Feeling powerless at work? Need a little inspiration to amp you up? Amy Cuddy suggests hitting a power pose: head up, shoulders back, feet planted and straight spine. This action not only makes you look slim and strong, but also alters your brain chemistry, making you more confident.

There are plenty of women in (and out of) the spotlight that rock strong posture to take on the world. In honor of Women’s Equality Day this past Wednesday, we’ve outlined just a few of the powerful, driven, inspirational women that have the power pose on lock.