Run To The Beat: Cadence Tools We Love

One of my favorite things to do while I run is to plug in my headphones and blast my music to tune the world out. It’s a great way to kickstart my morning, and also an amazing stress releaser after a long day. Recently, a coworker of mine introduced me to Spotify Running (as well as a few other tricks), and it’s changed the way I run.

How I Use Cadence As A Tool For Recovery (And Why You Should, Too!)

Guest Post by Lindsey Scherf, Lumo Run sponsored athlete and member of our product team. 

Let me start my intro with a brief mention of what cadence is and some of the terminology that is used when talking about it. Cadence is the number of steps you take per minute while running.  The term step is sometimes confused with or used interchangeably with the term stride.  A stride is considered 2 steps or the number of times the same foot (counting just the right foot) strikes the ground—so 90 strides per minute = 180 steps per minute.