Posture Feedback vibrations: Meet the Coaches

The Lumo Lift has the unique ability to track and coach you on your posture to teach you to be mindful, conscious and engaged in how you hold your body throughout the day. Posture, among other top contenders like exercising and healthy eating, is one of the most important parts of general health and productivity — both inside and outside of the office.

Here, we’ll go over some useful tips and approaches to the Lumo Lifts’ Posture Feedback vibrations to achieve your posture goals.

The customizable time delay of Posture Feedback vibrations can be set to anywhere between 3 seconds to 10 minutes. Using this, we can create 3 distinct “profiles” for your personal posture coach that you can switch to and from whenever you want.


Coach #1: Drill Sergeant
~3 seconds to 30 second delay~

coach_vibrations_3_secondsDescription: Slouching? Drop and give me 20! While the consequences of slouching may not be 20 push ups (you’re welcome to try, though!), a short delay between 3 seconds and 30 seconds for posture feedback will feel a lot like an intense drill sergeant training you to perfect posture.

Great For: The Drill Sergeant is great for when you want to work on your posture intensely. Perhaps you’re at your desk and you’ll be sitting or standing in the same position for a certain period of time, or it’s the afternoon and you need a little extra encouragement. Think of the Drill Sergeant as your fiery posture trainer who you commit to doing regular sessions with.

The frequent feedback you get for slouching will keep your posture in check and help you sit and stand as straight as a soldier.

Our recommendation? Come up with a regular schedule or designate certain periods of time during the day to switch your Posture Feedback vibrations into Drill Sergeant mode. Think of these as training sessions with your Lumo Lift to really work on your posture and developing good muscle memory.


Coach #2: Mom
~1 minute to 3 minute delay~

Description: The Mom mode is a Lumo in-house favorite. The gentle vibrations you receive after 1 to 3 minutes of slouching most closely resembles your mother reminding you to straighten up throughout the day. Much like mom, the reminders are gentle, but persistent and will help keep you sitting and standing with great posture all day long.

Great For: The Mom mode is the perfect way to stay aware and mindful of your posture throughout the day. Great for your 9 to 5 desk job, or anytime you want to receive reminders without feeling like you’re being nagged all the time (we’re looking at you, Drill Sergeants!). Right when you begin to forget about your posture and slump forward, your Lumo Lift will buzz you right back into awareness.

Our recommendation? Use the Mom Reminders as an all day default for Posture Feedback vibrations. The frequent, but still forgiving, time delay for your posture is a great way to maintain good posture throughout the day (2 minutes is our favorite).


Coach #3: Grandmother
~4 minutes to 10 minute delay~

coach_vibrations_8_minsDescription: You guessed it, the Grandmother mode is the even more forgiving version of the mom reminders. You can always count on her for some wise advice and a gentle touch — she’s got your back! With subtle reminders for your posture after 4 to 10 minutes of slouching, the Grandmother mode will be like having grandma around to keep you from slouching for too long and harming your body.
Great For: The Grandmother mode is great for after hours or relaxing on the couch. After a long day at the office, it’s acceptable to want to decompress and relax at home. However, the rule of thumb when it comes to posture is: “the best posture is the next posture”. You shouldn’t be spending a long time in any posture — good or bad. The posture feedback you get every 4 to 10 minutes of slouching is a great reminder to switch positions from time to time.

Our recommendation? Switch your Posture Feedback vibrations into Grandmother mode when you get home from work or are spending your time relaxing.


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