Posture Alert vs. Coaching Sessions (Windows App Only)


The Lumo Lift Windows App has two different features that will help you improve your posture: Posture Alert and Coaching Sessions. So what’s the difference?

The main difference between the two features is the time it takes to receive vibratory feedback on your posture. Posture Alert will prompt you after a set period of time, and Coaching Sessions will give you immediate feedback on your posture.

Posture Alert

Posture Alert is a popular feature of the Lumo Lift that alerts you when you’ve been slouching for a set period of time.

When enabled, your Lumo Lift will alert you through 5 quick consecutive buzzes after you’ve been slouching for a selected period of time that you choose. You can select a time anywhere between 1 to 30 minutes. Posture Alert makes sure that you don’t spend long periods of time in bad posture and is a great way to maintain overall good posture throughout the day.

How to use Posture Alert:

The Posture Alert feature is controlled through your Lift App. To do this, open your Lift app and go to Menu → Posture Alert.


Once in your Posture Alert settings, you can customize:

  • The time it takes for your Lumo Lift to alert you of poor posture — 1 min to 30 min
  • The time period during the day you want to receive Posture Alerts — 1 hour to all day

For example, you can customize this feature so that you only receive Posture Alerts in the morning between 8am and 11am, and you’ll be alerted after 2 minutes of poor posture.

Note: Once you set this, you will continue to receive Posture Alerts between 8am and 11am every day until you change the settings in your Lift app.


Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are a great way to practice great posture during a specific, timed session.  Think of it as a posture training session, or a posture workout.

During a Coaching Session, your Lumo Lift will buzz as soon as you move out of good posture and will continue to buzz until you correct your posture. The Lift is constantly looking for changes in your posture and gives you immediate vibrations when it detects slouching. Make sure to Align your sensor before a Coaching Session so that your Lumo Lift knows what posture to look for and you get the most accurate feedback.

How to use Coaching:

Coaching Sessions are activated directly through your sensor without using the app. To begin a session, hold down the button on your sensor for 3 seconds. You’ll receive 1 buzz for starting a session.

Coach will automatically end when the session times out, but if you want to quit out of a session, you can do so manually by holding the sensor down for 3 seconds again. You’ll receive 2 buzzes to confirm that your Coaching Session has ended.


Coaching Sessions are defaulted to last 1 hour, however there are other options for session lengths — 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour and 4 hours. This can be customized in your Lift app.

To do this, open your Lift app and go to Coach on the bottom right corner of the main app screen.

Posture Alert and Coaching Sessions both are great ways to improve your posture — find what works best for you and start working towards sitting and standing taller!


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