Name That Buzz: What Do The Different Vibrations On My Lumo Lift Mean?


We know that it might take a little while to learn the different button functions of your new Lumo Lift and that it is super frustrating to receive mysterious vibrations when you aren’t expecting them.

Here are the vibration sequences and functions of your Lumo Lift in a nutshell:

3 Buzzes: Lumo Lift Successfully Aligned
Double-press your Lumo Lift sensor to Align.

1 Buzz: Coach Vibrations Turned On
You can activate a Coaching Session either by pressing “Coach” in the Lumo Lift app, or by pressing the sensor on your Lumo Lift for 3 seconds.

2 Buzzes: Coach Vibrations Turned Off
Once you have completed a Coaching Session, you will receive 2 buzzes. The session will end automatically when you have successfully completed the selected amount of time. You can manually end the session by going into your app or by pressing the sensor on your Lumo Lift for 3 seconds.

1 Long Buzz: Slouching when Coach Vibrations is turned on
You can customize the time delay at which you receive vibrational feedback for your posture under Coach Vibrations under Menu in your Lumo Lift app. Select a short delay like 3 seconds for an intense posture training, or opt for a longer delay for subtle posture reminders throughout the day.

If you feel like you are receiving vibrations and you are in good posture, please Align your sensor by getting into your best posture and double-pressing on the sensor button. This allows your Lumo Lift to understand what your good posture looks like so that it can accurately monitor your posture throughout the day!

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