My Month with Lumo Back – Week 4

My Month with Lumo Back – Week 4

Showing off my LUMOback at the APTA Conference in Salt Lake City

Showing off my LUMOback at the APTA Conference in Salt Lake CityMy Month with LUMOback – Week 4



I guess that time really does fly, because it’s time for my final weekly update about my month with Lumo Back! Don’t worry, though, you’ll still hear plenty from me on the LumoBlog! I’ll also be back soon with one final post in this series to reflect on what I’ve learned about myself and my posture over the past month.



June 27 sleep

Sleep data from June 27th. Notice that I spent most of the night sleeping on my back.


As I mentioned last week, I’ve been wearing my Lumo Back to bed as a way of monitoring the effectiveness of my efforts to spend more time sleeping on my back. I’m happy to report that I’ve been rather successful and have noticed a marked reduction in the pain that I feel in my left lower back! After years of back pain, I don’t think that a shift in my sleeping patterns is going to be a quick cure-all, but I appreciate anything that helps. I’ve noticed that my back pain is much less severe and more infrequent recently, so I think that the combination of standing more, focusing on my posture, and reducing nighttime back twisting by sleeping on my back is definitely making a difference. I’m hopeful that things will continue to improve!


Daily posture scores for the week. Monday wasn't my best effort!

Daily posture scores for the week. Monday wasn’t my best effort!

This week was a bit abnormal because I spent half of the week in Salt Lake City for an American Physical Therapy Association conference. As a result, I was super busy in the office on Monday and Tuesday trying to get work done before my trip, so I let my posture slip a bit, as you can see in the image below. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I spent a lot of time standing in the exhibition hall of the conference and giving demos of Lumo Back, so my posture was quite good during the day. I flew home on Friday night, so my posture score for Friday slipped because it’s practically impossible to have great posture while sitting in uncomfortable airplane chairs! On a related note, working at Lumo Back has really drawn my attention to how terrible most of our furniture is for our posture. Even the furniture that we typically think of as comfy tends to just encourage us to slouch into awful, uncomfortable posture.


Wednesday, June 26th Activity Data

Wednesday, June 26th Activity Data

It was very easy to rack up a high step count while I was away because we didn’t have a car, so I did lots of walking to the conference and around the city. It was nice and toasty in Salt Lake City during the day, but the evenings were completely gorgeous and perfect sight-seeing weather. My sitting time on Wednesday was incredibly high because of our travel time, and I must admit that it was pretty painful to see that I spent 11 hours sitting that day! Thankfully I at least managed to fit in a lot of walking and a short run. I clocked in over 10,000 steps all three days of the conference…that was definitely very satisfying to see!


Overall, this was a fairly good posture and activity week for me. I still have plenty of room for improvement, but I look forward to continuing my journey with Lumo Back!

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