My Month with Lumo Back – Week 3

My Month with Lumo Back – Week 3

Fiona Maguire

Fiona Maguire
Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator

Now that I’ve spent three weeks with Lumo, I’m used to the device’s gentle reminders and have a good sense of how I should be sitting and standing. Actually maintaining that perfect posture for long periods of time can still be a challenge, but I’m definitely getting better! I’ve also noticed that Lumo Back has been a positive influence on my friends and roommates, even if they aren’t wearing a Lumo Back themselves. I’ve seen several friends repeatedly check and correct their posture in my presence because they say that my good posture and my corrections when Lumo gives me a little buzz remind them to sit up straighter.

As I mentioned last week, one of my goals for this week was to boost my step count, at least past the 6,000 steps per day mark. I’m happy to report that I’ve been quite successful with that, and had three days in a row where I surpassed my goal! I’ve been trying to take more walking meetings with coworkers and have been resisting the urge to hop in my car for a short trip when I can easily walk instead. I’m still working out with spin classes and bootcamp classes separately, so I’m pretty happy with these activity levels, though there is always room for improvement!


June 19 Activity

Activity levels on June 19th


Activity levels on June 20th

Activity levels on June 20th


As you can tell from June 20th, above, I haven’t always been great about standing this week. I’ve been using the excuse that I’ve felt tired and under the weather, but in reality I’d probably be more alert if I were standing! No excuses next week!

In other news, our wonderful new data scientist pulled some cool stats about our Lumo Back usage within the company and I found out that I have the best seated posture in the company! I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m a little bit competitive, so I was pretty excited to clinch that title. A few of my coworkers are beating me in standing posture, so I’ll have to work on that!

Finally, after researching optimal sleep positions for a recent blog post, I became very interested in my own sleep patterns and decided that I should try sleeping on my back so minimize the twisting in my lower back, since I tend to get back pain concentrated on one side of my back. After wearing my Lumo Back one night last week, I found that I tend to toss around and sleep in a bunch of different positions.


June 14th - notice how much I shifted my sleep position throughout the night

June 14th – notice how much I shifted my sleep position throughout the night

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

June 18th - After falling asleep on my back, I spent most of the night sleeping on my back

June 18th – After falling asleep on my back, I spent most of the night sleeping on my back


After learning that back sleeping is the best position for minimizing back pain, I tried to make a conscious effort to sleep on my back and discovered that I have more control over that than I’d imagined! I’m going to keep focusing on sleeping on my back or using a pillow between my knees when I sleep on my side, in hopes that it will reduce my lopsided lower back pain. As always, I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


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