My Month with LUMOback – Week 1

My Month with Lumo Back – Week 1

Fiona Maguire Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator

Fiona Maguire
Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator

Now that I’ve been hanging out with Lumo for about a week, it’s time for a progress update! So far, I’ve been wearing my Lumo Back throughout the day during the workweek and occasionally over the weekend. I’ve also tried wearing it a few times while I sleep and exercise. It’s pretty cool to see what position I sleep in!

For me, the biggest wake-up call has been seeing the number of hours that I sit each day. I had decided that I would start by spending a few days just tracking my normal behavior before I set out to make any big changes, but I cringed when I saw that I could easily spend 8 hours a day or more sitting down. Our office has some standing desks available, so I’ve been trying to transition to spending at least part of the day at a standing workstation. I definitely feel more alert while I’m standing, but it can get tiring.  I feel it in my legs, but that’s a good thing; I’m using muscles I wasn’t before.

I spent my childhood dancing ballet and walking with books balanced on my head to appease my grandmother, a combination that has made me fairly conscious of my posture. What I like about Lumo Back is that it provides a gentle reminder by vibrating at me when I’m engrossed in something and let myself slip into a slouchy position. So far, I’ve learned that my standing posture is pretty good overall, but that I can be less mindful while working at my computer or flopping on the couch to watch TV. I also have a bad habit of using my computer in bed, which I know is an ergonomic nightmare. I’m trying to break that one. (Really, Granny, I am!)

As you might imagine, the Lumo Back office has quite a few posture all-stars. You should see how straight our co-founders sit! Even so, we all got quite a few vibrations from our Lumo Backs while on our company retreat this week. We spent two days team-building and brainstorming ways to bring you the best product possible, which involved lots of time sitting on couches, armchairs, and the floor at our retreat space. I learned that it’s definitely a struggle to maintain good posture while on cushy furniture!

Now that I’ve learned a bit more about my normal behavior, my goal for next week is to work on improving my seated posture and strive to sit for fewer than four hours per day. Wish me luck!

What did you learn about your posture and habits when you first started wearing Lumo Back?

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