Meet The Team: Coulton, UX Designer

Here at Lumo BodyTech, our goal is always to create products that are intuitive, easy to use, and delightful for our amazing customers. The entire team is driven by this mission, but it is especially important to our UX Designer, Coulton.


What is your role at Lumo BodyTech?

As Lumo’s UX (User Experience) Designer, my main role is to listen to users, understand their expectations and needs, and dream up product features and experiences that exceed those expectations and needs. I need to make sure that every feature we create is not only useful from a health perspective, but also fun to engage with and intuitive to use.

Listening to users and iterating based off of their feedback is crucial, because I’m never going to get a feature right on the first attempt. You have to prototype a feature, watch people use it, figure out its shortcomings, and iterate on it to make it better. Anything that we actually bring to market is vastly different than our initial designs due to extensive beta testing and iteration.

Once I’ve designed our features, I work closely with our team of engineers in order to understand how these features will be implemented and make sure that the experiences we deliver when you use our product are in line with our designs.

Why is great UX design so important?

UX design, in my opinion, is mainly about one thing – delivering consistent, intuitive experiences. This means that each feature is easy to use without extensive explanation, is engaging, works in a predictable way every day, is something that users actually care about, and might help change their behavior in a positive manner (for example, improving posture). In addition, UX is about getting all the details, called micro-interactions, correct. You have to get the tiniest details right, even if a user might never even notice them –  getting all of the tiniest details correct adds up to an experience that feels smooth, fun, and just right!

Why are you excited to be working on Lumo Lift?

I think the best part of working on Lumo Lift is that this product is offering something to users that no other product on the market is really targeting – real-time coaching and feedback. It’s not enough to know that you were in bad posture three hours after the fact. With PowerUp, Lift can tell you in the moment to change your behavior. I believe that the biggest part of behavior change is giving a person the right trigger at the exact right time. Lumo Lift is the best product on the market to do this!

What are the biggest challenges you face in designing an awesome product? 

One of the biggest challenges that I face is creating an experience that users want to come back to and engage with day in and day out. In our busy, often (technologically) noisy lives, it is difficult to stay interested in a product for more than five minutes. But I believe that with the right combination of sensor accuracy, real-time coaching, variable rewards, and noticeable physical changes, we can create that experience with Lift.

On to the fun stuff! How do you spend your time when you aren’t designing things?

I’m really big into food and new experiences. There is pretty much no type of food I’m not willing to try or place I’m not willing to go. I’d much rather go stay in a random AirBnB apartment or secluded cabin in the woods somewhere in Northern California just to have the experience than go party at a club in San Francisco for the 100th time.

However, the one thing I love eating over and over again is Salt and Vinegar chips. I’m on a lifelong journey to discover the world’s best Salt and Vinegar chips so if you have recommendations, let me know. Currently, the best SVCs, in my opinion, are from a small factory in Western Pennsylvania called Snyder’s of Berlin. And I swear that isn’t even biased by my small-town Pennsylvania roots!

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