Meet Our Lumo Backer of the Month: Tom

Meet Our Lumo Backer of the Month: Tom

This month, we’re excited to hear from Tom, one of our most active Lumo Backers. He has been using Lumo Back since the beginning of the year and was kind enough to tell us all about his experience. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Tom, and we’re so glad that Lumo Back has helped you!


July LUMObacker of the Month Tom Scholl

July Lumo Backer of the Month:
Tom Scholl

A lifelong “slouch”

I’ve been a slouch since childhood. Fortunately, I’ve also been surrounded by people determined to help me straighten up. My mother regularly suggested I stand taller, my army drill-sergeant made the same suggestion at the top of his lungs and only inches from my face and my wife offered silent encouragement with a hand placed lightly on my back when I started to slump down.

The result of their reminders was less than perfect.

I straightened up. But there were drawbacks. No one could stay with me day-in-and-day out. My mother did not follow me when I left for college.  Thankfully, my drill-sergeant did not follow me when I left basic training. My wife remained my “stand-up-straight” coach until a few months ago when she was replaced by Lumo Back.

Tom showing off his LUMOback pride!

Tom showing off his LUMOback pride!

Lumo Back: A combination of mother, drill sergeant and wife.

I bought my Lumo Back in early 2013. Since then, they’ve improved the app and sensor with a steady flow of upgrades. Most recently they added a “Slouch Slider” allowing me to select the degree of leniency in the level of slouching it allows before sending a reminder to straighten up.

My Lumo Back becomes part of me within an hour after I get up and stays with me for the day. It’s as persistent as my mother or my drill sergeant and its vibration offers the kind of quiet, gentle reminders I would get from my wife. Best of all, my Lumo Back belt is with me all day long, invisibly and quietly keeping me sitting and standing straighter and taller.

By the way, that mention of “taller” is true. If you’re one of us guys of average height, straighten up and see how much taller you feel. Personally, I find it rather nice up here.

Tom Scholl
Dearborn, Michigan

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