Meet Our Lumo Backer of the Month: Kevin

Meet Our Lumo Backer of the Month: Kevin

This month, we talked with Kevin, an early Lumo Back adopter and very active Lumo Backer! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Kevin, and we’re so glad that Lumo Back has helped you.

Kevin September's LUMObacker of the Month

September’s LUMObacker of the Month

Nagging Back Pain:

Kevin had his first attack of lower back pain in his 40s, and has continued to suffer from back pain since then. Like many of us, he sits and stands at a computer screen all day at work, so he found his back pain to be troublesome and sought out ways to decrease his pain levels.

Pain, Pain, Go Away:

In order to eliminate that pesky back pain, Kevin sought help and treatment from a Physical Therapist and a Personal Trainer. They both advised him to sit less often and to work on improving his posture as part of an overall plan to improve his health and reduce his back pain.

“Lumo Back Made It Easy To Remember”

After a particularly severe episode of back pain, Kevin found Lumo Back. He now spends about half of his work day sitting and half standing; he wears Lumo Back all day, every day at work to remind him to use good posture. By setting targets for his posture score, he keeps himself accountable and challenges himself to improve his posture.

“Lumo Back helped me really be aware of my posture and eliminate lower back pain.”

Kevin found that good posture was a powerful and natural way to relieve his back pain. Lumo Back was the perfect reminder to help him stay on track! Now, Kevin has noticed that on days when he lets himself slouch into bad posture, he inevitably ends up in pain by the end of the day.

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Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.

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