Meet Our Lumo Backer of the Month: Alex

Meet Our Lumo Backer of the Month: Alex

This month, we talked with Alex, a very active Lumo Backer who was kind enough to share his story with us! 

Alex November LumoBacker of the Month

Alex: November Lumo Backer
of the Month

A Skeptic

When he first heard about Lumo Back from a friend, Alex was very skeptical. He recalls thinking that the idea was interesting but potentially gimmicky, and he wasn’t convinced that the product would be useful.

A Pain in the Neck

Within a few weeks, however, Alex noticed that he was experiencing a lot of neck pain at work and repeatedly caught himself hunching over his computer. Knowing that good posture would make him look more confident and hopeful that improving his stance would help to combat his neck pain, he decided to give Lumo Back a try.


Immediately, Lumo Back helped Alex to be more aware of the times when he slouched. Within a couple of weeks, Alex noticed a marked reduction in his neck pain. Determined to make serious changes to his posture, Alex uses Lumo Back in “pulse” mode with the Advanced Vibration Controls set to “Barely Slouched” mode so that he gets feedback whenever he moves even slightly out of good posture.

A New Perspective

Lumo Back helped to redefine Alex’s view of what good posture is. Like many people, he used to think of posture as primarily an upper back concern. However, because of his experiences with Lumo Back, he has learned the importance of having proper lower back posture.

Armed with this new knowledge, Alex has become very aware of how un-ergonomic most furniture is.  Noting that it is very difficult to have good posture in many of the standard chairs at his office, he has requested a new work chair for the times when he needs a break from his standing desk.

As a result of his disciplined efforts, along with Lumo Back’s gentle coaching, Alex’s posture is now notably improved!

Want to be our next Lumo Backer of the Month? Email with your Lumo Back story! 

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