Lumo Back Update: A Brand New Buzz


Hey Lumo Backer!

Get ready to feel your Lumo Back in a whole new way. You asked for it and we’ve delivered faster, more persistent feedback and complete control of the vibration. With this app and firmware update, you’ll experience less delay between the moment you slouch and the gentle buzz of the sensor. What’s more, if you’re in Pulse mode, the sensor will keep buzzing until you move into good posture. When you want a bit less buzz, tap the Buzz Once button. Buzz Once does just that: it buzzes once, every time you move into bad posture. It’s that simple!

Firmware Update

When you open your new app, you will receive a firmware update. You must let the firmware update complete before you close the app if you want to experience the aforementioned buzzing glory. It just takes a few moments to transform your Lumo Back sensor into a better buzzing band–be patient, it’s worth the wait!


Bad Posture Threshold

Are you looking for the Slouch Slider? Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner and select Advanced Vibration Controls. Use the Bad Posture Threshold to control how much you can slouch before your Lumo Back sensor will buzz. Feeling like a posture pro? Set the slider to Barely Slouched and Lumo won’t let you get away with much of a bend before the buzzing begins. Feeling less ambitious? Slide it down to Extremely Slouched and sit back, relax, and feel the buzz! The thresholds you set will apply to both sitting and standing posture.



With more and better buzzes, it’s even more important to have a well-calibrated sensor. We’ve updated the calibration controls to give you even more ways to calibrate Lumo. Tap Connect & Calibrate and select Calibrate and Reorient Sensor to go through the full orientation experience. You’ll walk, slouch, sit straight and stand tall to completely update your sensors orientation matrix and calibration settings. Or, you can quickly calibrate just your good sitting position or good standing position. It’s up to you. Use your powers wisely!

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  • Erik

    How exactly do new users one Android update your firmware??

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