Lumo Lift Update: Units From Our Tool Are Looking Great!

We know that those of you who pre-ordered Lumo Lift are anxious to get your awesome new Lift in the mail, so we want to share some exciting news. We’ve been making great progress at our factory and were excited to receive the latest Lifts from our tool – the steel mold that we use to mass-produce Lift.

Our tool, which is used to mold the pieces of Lumo Lift

Our tool, which is used to mold the pieces of Lumo Lift

While early prototypes were made on a more individual basis, we now have beautiful, working models from the very same machine that we will soon use to churn out tens of thousands of Lifts for our wonderful supporters. We still have a few small tweaks to make (we have very high standards, you know!), but we are making great progress.

Beautiful Lifts from our tool

Beautiful Lifts from our tool


We can’t wait to get Lumo Lift into your hands. We’re confident that you’ll love it as much as we do!

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