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My Lumo Lift won’t stop buzzing!

Your Lumo Lift essentially looks for changes in the position you Aligned your Lumo Lift in. If you feel like you’re receiving too many vibrations while in good posture, try re-aligning your Lumo Lift so that it has the most updated version of what to look for.

You can Align by wearing your Lumo Lift below your collarbone, getting into your best posture, and double tapping the sensor (like double clicking a mouse). Your sensor will give you three quick vibrations to let you know that you’ve successfully aligned your Lumo Lift.

My Lumo Lift won’t buzz.

Your Lumo Lift tracks your posture all day long, however it will only give vibratory feedback for your posture if you have Coach Vibrations turned on. To turn on Coach Vibrations, press and hold your Lumo Lift for 3 seconds, or enable it through your Lift app. Your Lumo Lift will buzz once to let you know that you successfully turned on Coach Vibrations.

Why are my “calories burned” so high?

Lumo Lift takes into account your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) based on the height, weight and gender you entered when you created your account. This is essentially the calories you burn just by living and breathing. The Lift app will slowly add on BMR as the day goes on, so by the end of the day, your calories burnt will be a combination of BMR and calorie expenditure from exercise and movement.

Tip: To find out what your BMR is, part with your Lumo Lift for a full day and leave it on the charger or on a flat surface all day. that you have zero posture hours and steps. Check your Lift app the next morning and look at the data from the previous inactive day. You should have zero posture hours and steps, but it will still show calories burned: This is your BMR.

What will my Lumo Lift track besides posture?

Your Lumo Lift can track your steps, so go ahead and take your Lumo Lift with you for a walk or a run. However, your Lumo Lift won’t be able to track stationary activities like cycling, yoga, or swimming. Please remember that your Lumo Lift can sweat, but it can’t swim!

How do I turn off my Lumo Lift?

Your Lumo Lift will automatically go to sleep when laid flat on a hard surface (like a table, charging dock or fridge) so it won’t record this time as “good posture” hours. It will automatically “wake” and resume posture and step tracking once you pick it up to put your Lumo Lift on. Make sure to Align your Lumo Lift each time you put it on!

Is your question or concern not addressed here? Send us an email at with your inquiry and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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