iOS App Update: Introducing Coach Vibrations

Here at Lumo BodyTech, we are constantly trying to improve the posture coaching experience for our customers. In our latest app update for iOS (version 1.7), we made a decision to transition away from Coaching Sessions and Posture Alert and combine the two features into one, best-of-both-worlds hybrid: Coach Vibrations.

Coach Vibrations allows you to choose and set the time delay for posture feedback to best fit your lifestyle. For example, if you set Coach Vibrations to 10 seconds, you’ll receive one buzz when the sensor detects slouching for 10 seconds. The Lumo Lift will continue to buzz in 10 second intervals until you straighten up your posture.

TIP: Set the delay to 3 seconds to emulate a Coaching Session, or set it to something longer for posture reminders, like Posture Alert.

Coach Vibrations can be turned on/off directly through your sensor by pressing and holding the sensor down for 3 seconds, as well as through the Lift app. You’ll get 1 buzz to let you know that you’ve turned on Coach Vibrations, and two buzzes to let you know you’ve turned it off. The time delay can be changed at any time as well, and there is an option to test the delay before you set it so that you can experiment with different delays to find the right one for you.


Making the decision to combine our two posture features into one wasn’t easy for us — after all, many of us here loved the challenge of a 4 hour long Coaching Session! But we are confident that the new Coach Vibrations feature is a step in the right direction.

Here are some of the benefits of combining the two features:

  • Customization — tailor the posture coaching experience to what’s best for you
  • Simplicity — one, easy to use feature for all of your posture needs
  • No more timed sessions — get posture feedback for however long you want
  • Control — easily turn on/off posture feedback

Questions or comments? Let us know by contacting our support team here or emailing


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