Introducing Lumo Lift: Gentle Reminders When You Want Them Most

As you can probably guess, we’re incredibly excited about the newest member of the Lumo family, Lumo Lift. Since launching Lift at CES four days ago, we’re already rapidly approaching our funding goal of $200,000. Thanks to everyone for their support!

In order to celebrate Lift’s launch and success, we want to highlight some of the features of the Lift app to help you better understand how Lift works and why we think it’s so darn awesome. Ready to learn? Let’s dive in!

Gentle reminders and encouragement, no nagging:

Lift is designed to be discreet and friendly, so it won’t spend all day nagging you to have better posture. We wouldn’t want to put your mom out of a job, after all! Lift only vibrates when you choose to activate a PowerUp session. The rest of the day, Lift silently tracks your posture and activity, and provides feedback through the Lift app and notifications in order to let you know how you’re progressing toward your goals. We’ll give you a high five for an awesome morning jog and send you extra tips for encouragement if we notice you’ve been having a slouchy afternoon. Lift is here to coach you and offer personalized recommendations just for you!


PowerUp for friendly vibrations when you want them:

sensor-wood3If you’re looking for extra help to remind you to hold yourself in strong, confident posture, we can help there, too: look no further than Lift’s PowerUp sessions. When you choose to enter a PowerUp session for an extra dose of awesome-ness, Lift will act as your coach and gently vibrate when you slouch to help you reach your posture-perfection goals. Even when you aren’t in a PowerUp session, Lift will passively track your posture so you can see valuable feedback about your progress in the Lift app. Sounds like a recipe for success to us!


Track your progress, celebrate your successes:

Lift makes it easy to see when you’re really going places. We’ll let you know how you’re improving over time to help you continue to stand taller and be more active. You’ll rack up trophies and badges for your amazing work. After all, we all deserve to celebrate our successes!

We love Lift and think you will too. So what are you waiting for? Pre-order now to snap up our amazing special pricing!

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About Tansy

Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.

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