The Inside Scoop on Lumo Back’s Tracking Features

The Inside Scoop on LumoBack’s Tracking Features

LumoBack is great at helping to remind you to sit straight and stand tall, but it does way more than posture tracking! LumoBack packed with features to help you be lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Here’s the inside scoop on how we can help improve your life and your health:

Posture: Our bodies were made to move, but our modern lifestyle has forced us into desk chairs and has us hunched over smartphones and keyboards. When you need to sit or stand still, maintaining good posture helps you avoid back pain as well as many other body aches and pains. Good posture also helps you breathe more deeply and gives you a confidence boost.  By giving you gentle vibrations when you slouch and tracking your posture throughout the day, LumoBack helps you sit straight and stand tall.


Use LumoBack to track your posture progress and see the times of day when you tend to slouch the most.

Sit Time: Knowledge is power, right? LumoBack helps you get an honest look at how much time you spend sitting. The results may surprise you, and can help encourage you to spend more time on your feet!

Real-Time Sit Time Tracking

Real-Time Sit Time Tracking

Stand Ups: We believe that standups are the easiest first step to better health. By standing up frequently throughout the day, you’re more likely to rack up more steps and spend less time sitting. A quick walk around the office also helps to “reset” your posture.

Get Up, Stand Up!

Get Up, Stand Up!

Step Tracking: LumoBack effortlessly tracks the number of steps you take each day, so challenge yourself to move more than you did yesterday. Walking for just an extra 5 minutes, or about ¼ mile, will rack up 500 steps!

Check out your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Check out your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Sleep: Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for leading a healthy, active life. LumoBack helps you see how you sleep throughout the night. Did you sleep like a log or spend the night tossing and turning? Knowing what sleep position you favor can also be helpful for a number of reasons. For example, sleeping on your back is great for your back health but can exacerbate snoring.

See how you slept last night.

See how you slept last night.

Let LumoBack help you live the happy, healthy life you deserve!

Tell us, which LumoBack feature is your favorite?

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About Tansy

Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.

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  • Kristian Tahtakov
    Kristian Tahtakov

    I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am kinesitherapist (physical therapist) in the field of spinal deformation using my own patented device for prevention of incorrect body posture.
    In 2012 I completed successfully my Ph.D. thesis: DEVICE FOR PREVENTION OF SPINAL DEFORMATION AND EXPERIMENTAL EVALUATION OF ITS APPLICABILITY at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, using my 1st patented device.
    (please I`m looking for partnership in order to develope my 2-d patent concernig of deformation of the spine.
    Best wishes,
    Kristian Tahtakov, Ph.D
    skype: kristian889

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