How to Solve Syncing Issues


We know that some of you have been running into some pesky issues with syncing your Lumo Lifts – what a pain! There are several potential causes of these issues, including updating to iOS 8. We’re working to fix things on our end, but luckily there are a few quick things you can try that should solve the issue and have you synced and ready to go in no time!

If you are having trouble connecting to your Lumo Lift, please try the following troubleshooting solutions: 


1) “Kill” the Lumo Lift app by double-pressing the home button on your iOS device and swiping up on the Lumo Lift app. Then, toggle Bluetooth off and on, and re-open the Lumo Lift app. 


2) Power off your iOS device and restart it. 


3) If neither of the above work, try resetting your sensor. Simply place your Lumo Lift in the charging dock and hold down the button for 10 seconds. You will see a series of flashing lights. 


Please email if you are still having trouble. We’re here to help!
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