Enter Stage Left: The Data Scientist

Enter Stage Left: The Data Scientist


Cha Li LUMO Data Scientist

Cha Li
LUMO Data Scientist

15,000,000 pieces of activity data have been collectively gathered by LUMObackers since this year began. This data includes information like time spent sitting, activeness, and of course, slouching; however, just having the data doesn’t help anyone live healthier, and happier lives. If you haven’t guessed it already, harnessing the power of data and making it useful is the job of a data scientist. At LUMOback I have the privilege of doing just that.

What exactly is a data scientist you ask? That depends on who you talk to. A statistics professor of mine jokingly called data scientists “glorified statisticians” whose job it is to make statistics “sexy”. Anecdotal, yes, but there is some truth. My job is to dig through all the data being gathered and understand what it is saying. If I can nerd-out for a moment, my job is to develop algorithms and build statistical models for grouping, prediction, and inference. It’s this really awesome combination of Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Statistics (coffee and VC theory anyone?).

As a LUMOback wearer, you’ll soon see more posture tips, reminders, comparisons, and progress reports catered towards helping you improve.

Over the next several months, I’ll be posting “data story” articles to present some cool tidbits and facts about posture, back health and our movement habits in a way that is hopefully insightful, constructive, and maybe even a bit shocking.

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Tansy wears research, public relations and partnership hats at Lumo BodyTech. She is passionate about harnessing technology to support personal behavior change. Tansy’s background is in wearable tech and social entrepreneurship. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Social Marketing.

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