Dr. Jonathan Folland on Running Biomechanics

As part of the development of Lumo Run, we have partnered with the biomechanics experts over at Loughborough University in the UK to identify important biomechanical measures in running for optimized form for performance and reducing the risk of injury. Dr. Jonathan Folland is one of the lead researchers at Loughborough University with years of experience and expertise in sports science and exercise physiology. In this video, we asked him a few questions on why biomechanics is so important in running.

How To Use the Lumo Lift App [Video]


Once you set up your Lumo Lift, you’ll want to explore the Lumo Lift app. Let’s take a quick tour of the app, shall we?


On the main screen, there are 2 orbs.  The top orb tells you how your posture has been recently, and the bottom orb shows you your recent activity.  Tapping on either orb will show you more detailed information, such as how many good hours of posture you’ve had today, or how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve travelled, and calories burned.

How To Wear Lumo Lift [Video]

It’s easy to wear Lift on all of your favorite outfits! Follow these simple instructions to wear Lift securely and track your posture accurately.

First, slide the square clasp off of the Lift sensor.

Second, place the Lift sensor (the larger oval piece) under your clothes, and use the magnetic square clasp to hold the sensor in place.  The Lift sensor should be worn about one inch below your collarbone.

How To Set Up Your Lumo Lift [Video]

Setting up your Lumo Lift is quick and easy.

First, make sure that you download the Lumo Lift app from the Apple App Store.  Search for “Lumo Lift” and you’ll find us!

Next, open the app and follow the steps to create a login, enter your information, and connect to the Lumo Lift sensor.  After connecting your Lift to your mobile device, you will be asked to get into your best posture and align your sensor.

That’s it, you’re all set and ready to be Lifted!

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to get started using your Lumo Lift and the mobile application.

Introduction to Lumo Lift [Video]


Now that we’ve announced our shipping schedule, we hope you’re excited to receive your Lumo Lift. We certainly can’t wait for you to start using it!

In the meantime, check out this short video to learn a bit more about Lumo Lift and how to use it. We promise, this info will come in handy when you get a package from us in the mailbox later this summer.