The Stages of Falling in Love (with Good Posture)

Body language plays a bigger role in relationships than we often realize. Hand gestures, eye contact and even posture can all communicate how you feel to the people you care about. Whether you’re falling in love, loving the single life, or getting ready for the big day, good posture promotes a healthy mentality and happiness at any stage of a relationship.

Here’s What You Missed Last Month In Running

Happy May! With the warming weather and longer days, it’s a great time to start enjoying those beautiful outdoor runs we’ve been putting on hold. Marathon and race season is picking back up and we’ve got lots of great highlights and news from last month’s events. Here’s our roundup of notable events from the month of April.

Holiday Reading for Runners

The end of the year holiday season is often a time of a brief running hiatus for many of us. With travel, so many holiday parties, and something about it being the end of the year makes for regular and consistent running difficult. However, just because we can’t be out there running, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still read up on our favorite sport and gear up for the new year.

Here’s What You Missed at The Women’s Leadership Summit

Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

What’s trending this week?

Dreamforce ’15, Salesforce’s Women’s Leadership Summit, was just last week. Powerful and inspiring women leaders from companies like Eventbrite, Youtube, and Stitchfix came together to speak about their experiences as women in tech and business, as well as their take on the importance of gender diversity in the workplace. Here’s the take away.

The Photographer’s Secret to Being Photogenic

Very few of us are natural born models and know exactly what to do when come face to face with a camera. In fact, it takes a whole lot of self awareness and confidence to work your camera angles and score those million dollar shots consistently. If you’re one of these people, kudos to you!

For the rest of us though, more often than not, we’re deleting and untagging ourselves from unflattering photos that otherwise would have been a great picture — all because of that ill placed arm, uninvited double chin, or uncomplimentary posture (the list goes on).

Luckily, we’ve teamed up with up and coming SF based lifestyle and wedding photographer, Christine Sargologos, for a round-up of the best tips and advice for picture perfect poses for every part of your body.

The Secrets To A Healthier Workday

Keep up with the latest posture, back health and corporate wellness news with our weekly round up of interesting and useful articles.

What’s trending this week?

Your workplace shouldn’t be a trade-in for your health. Just because you’re working hard, long hours, it doesn’t mean that you should be putting your health at risk. Check out our weekly round up posts for the best tips to stay healthy, pain free and productive.

The Statement Piece That Will Never Go Out of Style

Cue the flashing lights and roll out the red carpet because the Fall New York Fashion Week is finally here! For many of us, this iconic event marks the bittersweet end of Summer as we ogle over next seasons greatest fashion trends. The exciting line up this year with up and coming designers like Meskita and Kempner, as well as the renowned classics like Calvin Klein and BCBGMAXAZRIA are bound to serve up some real eye-candy —  leaving us craving sweater weather and the cooler autumn season.

As we focus our attention on the jaw-dropping beauties of the models and garments walking down the runway, though, it’s important to remember that fashion and style isn’t all in the seams. We have a tendency to focus so much on the details of what we’re wearing, like brand, value, size, color, that we overlook what it really means to be stylish and fashionable. Confident.

10 Women Who Rule The World With Power Poses

Feeling powerless at work? Need a little inspiration to amp you up? Amy Cuddy suggests hitting a power pose: head up, shoulders back, feet planted and straight spine. This action not only makes you look slim and strong, but also alters your brain chemistry, making you more confident.

There are plenty of women in (and out of) the spotlight that rock strong posture to take on the world. In honor of Women’s Equality Day this past Wednesday, we’ve outlined just a few of the powerful, driven, inspirational women that have the power pose on lock.

The Slouchy Life of the Business Traveler

Travel is a wonderful experience for many. Gathering your things and boarding a plane or climbing into a car to set off into the distance, away from chaos where no emails or phone calls can reach you is a feeling many of us look forward to all year. Depending on your occupation, a lucky handful of us get to travel all the time — but are they actually lucky?

The Economist released an article earlier this week titled The sad, sick life of the business travellerwhich highlights some of the negative effects business travel has on an individual, based on a new study recently released by the University of Surrey in Britain, and Linnaeus University in Sweden.

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