A Facebook Chiropractor’s Guide to Good Posture and Wearables

— Contributed Post by Daniel Lord —

Physical therapists and chiropractors can’t be everywhere all the time. Outside of our patients’ visits, we can’t be there to prod them into making better decisions, like “drink water instead!” or “sit up straight!”, no matter how much we’d like to do so. Thankfully, it’s in those moments that technology is most helpful.

Lumo Lift 101


Before we send you on your way to great posture and better health, here are a few tips from our tip jar.

The Lumo Lift
Your Lumo Lift is a small, magnetic wearable device that tracks your posture and daily activity. For best results, wear your Lumo Lift on a snug fit shirt (or undershirt/bra) by clipping on the sensor using the magnetic clasp. The sensor should be worn right below your collarbone and close to your body for most accurate posture detection.

Common Questions


My Lumo Lift won’t stop buzzing!

Your Lumo Lift essentially looks for changes in the position you Aligned your Lumo Lift in. If you feel like you’re receiving too many vibrations while in good posture, try re-aligning your Lumo Lift so that it has the most updated version of what to look for.

You can Align by wearing your Lumo Lift below your collarbone, getting into your best posture, and double tapping the sensor (like double clicking a mouse). Your sensor will give you three quick vibrations to let you know that you’ve successfully aligned your Lumo Lift.

Posture Alert vs. Coaching Sessions (Windows App Only)


The Lumo Lift Windows App has two different features that will help you improve your posture: Posture Alert and Coaching Sessions. So what’s the difference?

The main difference between the two features is the time it takes to receive vibratory feedback on your posture. Posture Alert will prompt you after a set period of time, and Coaching Sessions will give you immediate feedback on your posture.

Lumo 2015 Posture Challenge: Week 4


You made it, well done! You are now in the fourth and final week of the Lumo 2015 Workplace Posture Challenge. Hopefully, by this point you are walking taller, sitting stronger, and you have learned a number of simple ways to improve your posture. Below you will find the final week’s activity schedule. To see an overview of the challenge click here or for the previous weeks’ tasks click here for week 1, here for week 2 or here for week 3. To visit the YouTube video playlist Click Here.

Lumo 2015 Posture Challenge: Week 3


Welcome to week 3 of the Lumo 2015 Workplace Posture Challenge! Below you will find the third week’s activity schedule and links to the exercise descriptions. At the bottom of the page we have some additional success tips. To see the tasks or descriptions from Week 1, click here or for Week 2, click here. To visit the YouTube video playlist Click Here.

Introducing Custom Goals


It’s here! The feature we’ve all been waiting for. 

We are excited to announce that Custom Goals is now available on the iOS 1.6 App, (along with some other nifty features). Update your app today to start taking advantage of these new features.

In our latest app release, you’ll find:

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