How to Look Great in Front of the Camera

It’s finally Summer and wedding season is in full-swing. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or attending a friend’s nuptials as a guest, there is a good chance you will end up in a photo or two. Although you don’t always have control over factors like lighting, there are several things you can do to make sure you’re always camera ready.

How to Run (or Watch) the Boston Marathon Like a Pro

If you’re running the Boston Marathon for the first time and aren’t sure what to expect – don’t panic. In this post we’ve sourced a few top tips from seasoned Boston runners. From challenging elevation changes to long shuttle lines, read on to learn how to take on the legendary Boston Marathon like a pro.

The Systematic Approach to Forming Long Lasting Habits

January is all about setting new goals and making resolutions, but what’s important to remember is these new habits need to last way past the first month and into the full year. Whether your 2016 goal is to hit the gym more often, eat healthier, or beat poor posture, the path to success is paved with a systematic approach to forming long lasting habits.

Posture Feedback vibrations: Meet the Coaches

The Lumo Lift has the unique ability to track and coach you on your posture to teach you to be mindful, conscious and engaged in how you hold your body throughout the day. Posture, among other top contenders like exercising and healthy eating, is one of the most important parts of general health and productivity — both inside and outside of the office.

Here, we’ll go over some useful tips and approaches to the Lumo Lifts’ Posture Feedback vibrations to achieve your posture goals.

Lumo Lift 101


Before we send you on your way to great posture and better health, here are a few tips from our tip jar.

The Lumo Lift
Your Lumo Lift is a small, magnetic wearable device that tracks your posture and daily activity. For best results, wear your Lumo Lift on a snug fit shirt (or undershirt/bra) by clipping on the sensor using the magnetic clasp. The sensor should be worn right below your collarbone and close to your body for most accurate posture detection.

Common Questions


My Lumo Lift won’t stop buzzing!

Your Lumo Lift essentially looks for changes in the position you Aligned your Lumo Lift in. If you feel like you’re receiving too many vibrations while in good posture, try re-aligning your Lumo Lift so that it has the most updated version of what to look for.

You can Align by wearing your Lumo Lift below your collarbone, getting into your best posture, and double tapping the sensor (like double clicking a mouse). Your sensor will give you three quick vibrations to let you know that you’ve successfully aligned your Lumo Lift.

Posture Alert vs. Coaching Sessions (Windows App Only)


The Lumo Lift Windows App has two different features that will help you improve your posture: Posture Alert and Coaching Sessions. So what’s the difference?

The main difference between the two features is the time it takes to receive vibratory feedback on your posture. Posture Alert will prompt you after a set period of time, and Coaching Sessions will give you immediate feedback on your posture.

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