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Why We Chose to Focus on Our Desktop App

Added on June 9, 2014 by in Lumo Lift Lumo Lift Updates Lumo News

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Dear Lumo Supporter,

Thank you so much for purchasing Lumo Lift! We are so excited to begin shipping Lifts in a few weeks and couldn’t have done it without you.

We are also excited to announce that this Fall, we will be releasing a Desktop app for Windows 7+. With our Desktop app, you will be able to track your progress and check your posture in real-time while you work. No need to use your phone at the office!


As a small team, we have to carefully prioritize our products. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the release of our Android app and focus instead on optimizing our Windows desktop app. While we recognize that this may be disappointing for some customers, we believe that these apps will best meet the needs of our community. Unfortunately, Google’s native BLE technology is relatively young, which has made it difficult to build an Android app that meets our high standards of performance and reliability. However, we believe that our Desktop app will provide a great user experience.

If you have a compatible Apple mobile device, you will be able to use your Lumo Lift with our iOS app as soon as you receive your Lift. Our Desktop app will be released this Fall and will allow Windows 7+ users with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible computers to connect to their Lift sensors right from their computers.

We appreciate your understanding, and thank you again for all of your support. We hope that you’ll love our Desktop app experience and we stand by our promise of complete customer satisfaction, so please contact us at support@lumobodytech.com if you have any concerns.

andrew new crop


Andrew Chang

Lumo BodyTech Co-Founder and CTO


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  • Don Gilman

    You should pull the Android product from the Google Play store so you don’t frustrate customers… like me… My phone is a Galaxy S5,

  • Matt Hoying

    purchased this because it had an android app. the desktop version has very limited value and won’t be available until months after i receive the device. Awesome, now i have a useless piece of plastic with a bluetooth transmitter.

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi Matt,
      We’re very sorry for this inconvenience. We think that you will love the desktop app, but if you prefer not to wait, we can certainly process a refund for you immediately. Please email support@lumobodytech.com.


  • MsTara

    Dang, I was so looking forward to my Lumo. This has made it totally worthless when it arrives. No Desktop app and no phone app that will work with my devices. Instant return when it finally arrives.

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi Tara,
      We understand your frustration and are happy to process a refund for you immediately if you would like. Please email support@lumobodytech.com.


  • Nic

    I’m dissappointed. I spoke with a rep before buying to confirm that it would work with andriod. I have a smart phone so I don’t have to use my desktop! Disappointed, and hope a resolution is re-prioritized.

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi Nic,
      We’re so sorry to disappoint you, though we do still plan to release an Android app in the future when the Google BLE stack is more stable. However, we think you will love the desktop app. Your Lumo Lift tracks your posture even when you aren’t near your desktop, and then your data will sync whenever you choose to check your progress. If you still have concerns, please email support@lumobodytech.com


      • Jenifer

        The Google BLE stack is stable. I use it with my Withings Pulse O2. It hasn’t had a problem. Stop blaming Google.

  • adi

    no android app!! bad. company broke the promise

    • The Lumo Team

      We apologize for the delay, but we do still plan to release an Android app in the future when Google’s BLE stack is more stable. We think that you will love the desktop app, but we stand by our promise of customer satisfaction and are happy to make things right for you if you don’t want to wait for our Android release. Please email support@lumobodytech.com.

      • Christian Cabrera Guerrero

        This seems like your shifting the blame from your development team to Google’s. Own up to your failings in delivering to your customers/users. I had such high expectations for this product, I’m not even mad… just severely DISAPPOINTED. I will be initiating my refund process immediately.

  • The Lumo Team

    We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We still stand by our promise of customer satisfaction, so please email support@lumobodytech.com if you would like an immediate refund.


  • Scott MacDonald

    offering a refund isn’t satisfying any of us, it seems. what does that tell you?

  • Natanji

    But… you already *do* have an Android app for the Lumoback, so why is this any more difficult than making an effing Windows 7+ app? On Windows, you have a pleathora of different Bluetooth stacks, compared to just one on Android as far as I am aware. And Android was practically working (if not on all devices; but then again only very few iOS devices are supported as well!). Can’t you provide more technical insight into your difficulties, at least?

    I really don’t get why iOS is prioritized over Android and now Windows and MacOS. Android is a HUGE platform, there are much more Android devices than iOS devices. Is this an American thing, to see iOS as the standard/basis? Or what?

  • Scaevola

    I purchased the product expecting an Android app and you change your mind at the last milestone. With all crowdfunding efforts, I would have expected that you at least asked the community before making such a huge decision. And no, refund is not a solution for the dissatisfaction.

    I am in the business of developing mobile applications and I don’t really understand the decision of selecting desktop over Android. I disagree about your comments on Bluetooth LE on Android and in terms of development effort it wouldn’t make a huge difference than Windows desktop. (If it was something like Glass or wearable SDK, it would be normal to be concerned about maturity and stability, but Bluetooth LE is at a mature stage to develop for end users.)

    And one last point, you claim that “No need to use your phone at the office!”, but not all people are able to use their office computers freely. Installing applications or connection with Bluetooth devices are likely to be forbidden due to security reasons. Moreover, they may be using older devices or desktop PCs that don’t support Bluetooth 4.0. And what about mobile workers? They wouldn’t have access to their computers all the time. I don’t accept desktop as a replacement for Android with such a weak claim.

    • The Lumo Team

      We are very sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience. We have encountered a lot of demand for a Desktop App for both Lumo Back and Lumo Lift from our user base, so we believe that this app will best meet the needs of our customers.

      • Scaevola

        How do you collect the demand? As a member of your user base I don’t recall being asked about which platforms to focus on.

        And it’s perfectly reasonable that you get demand for a desktop app because you promised that there will be iOS and Android versions, so nobody needed to demand an Android app.

        So I demand an Android app now, but this time will you take it into consideration? Of course not!

        • The Lumo Team

          We have received many customer requests directly, as well as on a survey that we sent to everyone who purchased during our crowd-funding period.

          We still fully intend to release an Android app, it is just delayed.

  • http://thewebivore.com/ Pam Selle

    I actually think the desktop app focus was a great idea! I don’t look at my phone much during the day (or well, try not to), so I dig this. It does make me sad when Android loses to iOS, but I appreciate that the desktop app is coming as a feature/priority rather than “so, we couldn’t hire Android developers so … no Android!”

    • The Lumo Team

      Thank you for the support, Pam!

  • The Lumo Team

    We’re very sorry to disappoint you. If you would like a refund, please email support@lumobodytech.com.

  • The Lumo Team

    We understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. No need to file a dispute with your credit card, we are willing to process a refund for you directly. Please email support@lumobodytech.com

  • SJB

    I don’t want a refund. I want a functioning Lumo on release. At the very least please give us Android users the desktop app on release until the Android app is ready. Don’t make us have to put Lumo away in a drawer when we get it in the post! And please give us a realistic timeline for Android app. There are now more Android users than Apple users worldwide; you’re shrinking your userbase and profits this way :(

  • The Lumo Team

    Hi Nathan,
    Unfortunately, only 4.3+ runs the Bluetooth Low Energy technology that we use.


    • Nathan

      Thank you for the reply (and reason)

  • The Lumo Team

    Unfortunately, Android’s BLE does not currently work reliably enough to provide a great app experience. This is a problem experienced by all BLE products on Android, including Lumo Back. We’re very sorry for the disappointment.

    • Natanji

      But it works quite reliably on my device (Nexus 4). Can’t you simply offer an
      app that might not work everywhere, but *might* work? If it’s the same
      kind of quality as with the Lumoback, people will be happy enough!

      What I
      dislike about your announcement to push back Android development is
      that there is absolutely no ETA. I am fine with waiting for a mobile app
      for a few months, say till the end of 2014, but not *forever*. The
      condition you give here is that Android’s BLE should become more stable;
      you essentially push the responsibility of to Google. That gives your
      customers – such as myself – absolutely no way to really know when an
      Android app will be available.

      So: can’t you give us at least
      *some* form of ETA on this, please, or less vague conditions on when we will get an Android app? What exactly has to happen with Android BLE before you can fix it? Which problems have you encountered? Which bugs have you failed against AOSP that need to be fixed before you feel fine to
      provide an Android app?

  • The Lumo Team

    Hi Lisa,
    We are working as hard as possible to have the desktop app ready ASAP! It will be ready this fall, so should be available shortly after we ship Lumo Lift.


  • The Lumo Team

    Hi Alex,
    If you set up your Lift with the desktop app or a friend’s iOS device, you can still use the device to track your posture and receive vibrations when you slouch by entering a PowerUp session directly from the device.

    If you prefer not to wait, we can arrange for a refund if you contact support@lumobodytech.com.


    • Anonymous

      Is it possible to set up two Lumo Lifts with the same device? I ordered a two-pack for myself and my partner, but I have a 4s and he has a 4. Besides “my partner has the oldest phone in the universe”, is there any way I can hack this while waiting for the desktop app (which his work IT may not allow anyway)?

      • The Lumo Team

        At the end of September, you will be able to log in to the app with two different sensors. In the mean time, you could use two different sensors with the same phone, but unfortunately would need to delete and reinstall the app every time you want to switch between sensors. We know that’s tedious! Additionally, you can use Lumo Lift just for Coaching Sessions without an app.

  • Andrew Ma

    What about opening a beta program for the android app for those who are brave enough to help you work out compatibility problems.

    • Amanda

      Or some open source connectors so we can write our own?

  • Manda

    What if we don’t have windows 7? I’m running Ubuntu at work and vista at home (And I don’t plan on changing operating systems just for this). Is there a web interface at least we can use to configure the lift?

  • David Gray

    I’m slightly disappointed as well, but as long as I can still use the posture tracker (which is why I bought it), I’ll be happy. Given that Android 4.3 holds a (roughly) 50% share compared to other Android devices (if a quick Google search is correct), I’d say there’s a market for it.

    I’d like to see a beta app released. You can do (semi-private or fully private) betas on Google Play, where you have to join a specific Google+ community, send out invites to specific people or groups, or share a link where people can sign up. When they leave the beta, they go back to the “production” version if one is available.

    When you join a beta program, you get warned before continuing that the app is beta and may not work, may break your phone or may be completely different from the final version. I’d rather an app that worked 60% of the time (knowing the risks) than not having an app at all.

    I have a BLE adapter for my computer, but would still prefer to check in when I’m out and about.

  • Kerry

    This is disappointing. I wouldn’t mind waiting for the Android app, though this is one of the reasons I pre-ordered, but not having the desktop app available upon delivery kind of sucks, and renders the product unusable (at least to get the full experience).

    One question – does it work with all iOS devices, including the iPad Mini? I hope you get one of the two apps released sooner than fall! I’d like to be able to use it when it arrives!

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi Kerry,
      We’re very sorry to disappoint you and understand your frustration.

      However, our iOS app will be available as soon as Lift ships, and works on all BLE compatible iOS devices, including the iPad mini. If you have an iPad mini, you’ll be able to use Lift as soon as you receive it!


  • Bunnster

    I wonder does the Lumo do more than just check your posture, hints about tracking steps or activities seem to go into the writings

  • Vicki

    Will the 30 day return window be extended if the desktop app isn’t available for 30+ days after shipping? It is a bummer that it will be unusable when it ships, but it sounds like the desktop app won’t be available until well after shipping, meaning by the time I can actually try it out, it will be too late to return it!

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi Vicki,

      We’re committed to customer satisfaction and will absolutely be willing to honor our return guarantee until the desktop app is released.


  • chlyonsiv

    I guess I haven’t been following this as closely as I should. Just so I understand:
    1) Because I use an Android device, I will be required to use the desktop app.
    2) Although I will receive my device as part of the early shipments in July, I must wait for the desktop app to come out in the fall before I can use it.
    So, I can set it in my desk drawer at the office since that is the only place I will be able to use it, and I will need to install a program on my employer’s computer, but that program will not be developed for 3-4 months after I receive delivery. On a positive note, I paid a price well below the “sticker price,” although it seems I am getting what I paid for.
    3) It seems that the stock answer is that I can request a refund since customer satisfaction is your highest priority, although that commitment feels a little suspect to me. Presumably, though, if I request a refund and wait for you to come out with the desktop version of the app months down the road, or wait until you actually have an Adroid app, I would then be required to pay the full price, losing the benefit of signing up early.
    If you REALLY want to make me happy, give me a refund now and an option to buy at the original special price when you actually can deliver on your promise.

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you will need to use an iOS device or, beginning this fall, a Windows 7+ or Mac computer to initially set up your Lift or to view your data. However, after the initial set up, you can use Lift without the app to receive vibration feedback when you slouch. Lift stores 4 weeks of data on the device without syncing to the app, so you don’t need to be at your computer constantly for it to work for you. Before we release the desktop app, you would be able to use some of Lift’s features if you were able to activate your sensor through a friend’s iOS device.

      However, we understand your frustration. As you suggested, we are willing to honor the initial pre-order price for our Android customers who would like to receive a refund now and re-purchase Lift in the future once our Android app is ready. Please contact support@lumobodytech.com and keep track of your original order number.


      • chlyonsiv

        Can I use my iPod Touch as the iOS device? It is an older model, so it doesn’t have the latest version of iOS.

        • The Lumo Team

          Yes, iPod Touch works, as long as it’s 5th generation. Your iPod needs to have Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability to be able to communicate with the Lift sensor.

  • Dean Shull

    (Please reply on this thread with your Android model if you would like this as well.) I would rather help out, and have your unstable beta version and contribute feedback to the developers. Don’t have bad PR fear. Promise not to complain on forums about any issues, and actually will sing praises of the responsiveness and cooperation with supporters to make it great. I’m rooting for LUMO, and expect a few v1.0 bugs. Please create a private beta tester group for the early adopters, we can email feedback. I would be glad to be volunteer – SPRINT GALAXY NOTE 2

  • pat

    I think it is problematic that you don’t have an android app….people are using portable devices now, not desktops. I have a MacBook Pro and I hope it works with that, as well as a Windows-based desktop. Problem is, I don’t take them with me when I am out and about. If it doesn’t work with the MacBook Pro (latest software version) then it’s not going to be useful to me.

    Can it work with both at the same time?

    • The Lumo Team

      Hi Pat,

      Yes, the Lift desktop app will work with your MacBook Pro if your Macbook is Bluetooth enabled. Your Lift device will store up to a month of data without syncing to the app, and you can initiate Coaching Sessions directly from the sensor to receive vibrations when you slouch. You don’t need to be connected to the app at all times to have a great Lift experience!


  • Leah MP

    Just received my lumo lift. Found out it will not connect to my Android, and apparently the desktop app is not available yet. Really??? I got in on the kickstarter and I am shipped a device that will not connect with MY devices, despite the promise of an Android app?

  • Quasimodo

    I think it is the right thing to do to focus on the desktop app. I spend 9 hours a day at my desktop practicing awful posture. The LUMO still works for the rest of the day, reminding me to be aware of my body. I doubt I will use the mobile app once there is a desktop app.

    • The Lumo Team

      Thank you for the encouragement!

  • jopp

    Seriously, everyone stop whining. They said they don’t have an Android app up front and that they were working on it.

  • Eugene

    Lack of android support leaves me with no other choice but to request a full refund. Note, my Nexus 4 has a fully functioning BLE. You guys sholud have at least warned your customers or better give an option to cancel before shipping a useless product.

  • Rob Nazzal

    Is it possible to become part of the beta for the desktop app?

    • The Lumo Team

      We’ll pass your name and info along!

  • Stephanie

    I am an Android user and just got the device a few days ago. The coaching sessions work fully without connecting to the app at all. I was concerned that the lumo lift would be mostly useless until the desktop app came out, but really, it does 90% of what I bought it for without connecting to an app. Just wanted to pass this along to ease some frustration among Android users. I’m very happy with it so far.

  • Kevin

    Finally got the lumo lift – and no way to use it? I am an android / mac user. Can the device be used without a companion app (i assume not…)

    • The Lumo Team

      Without connecting to an app, you can use Lumo Lift to receive vibration feedback when you slouch through timed Coaching Sessions. Just follow these steps:
      1) Make sure that your Lumo Lift is charged. The indicator light on the Lift sensor should be green.
      2) Put on your Lumo Lift. See this blog post for helpful hints on how to wear your Lift: http://www.lumobodytech.com/2014/08/how-to-wear-lumo-lift/
      3) Align your Lumo Lift sensor by getting into great posture and double-pressing the button on your sensor. You will receive three short buzzes to confirm that your sensor is Aligned. This shows your Lumo Lift the good posture that you are striving to maintain throughout the day, and your Lumo Lift will vibrate when you are in a Coaching Session and fall out of this great posture position.
      4) Enter a Coaching Session by pressing and holding the button on your Lift sensor. You will feel a long buzz to signal the start of a Coaching Session. You will receive vibrations each time you slouch, and you will receive two buzzes when the Coaching Session ends.

  • LUMOback

    Hi Stella,
    We’re definitely working on our Android and desktop apps and will release them as soon as possible!

    Since your boyfriend has an iPhone, we recommend that you set up your Lumo Lift through his phone and choose your preferred Coaching Session length. You’ll then be able to use Lift without the app and activate Coaching Sessions directly from the sensor! Up to 3 weeks of data get stored on the sensor, so you can sync with his iPhone whenever you’d like to check out your data. Check out this blog post for tips! http://www.lumobodytech.com/2014/09/how-to-use-lumo-lift-without-the-app/

  • LUMOback

    Hi Lisa,
    The Desktop app will be released later this year!