The small, but powerful change agent you need for better posture, improved health and transformed appearance.

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“The Lift was really useful in the office resulting in improved posture and a noticeable relief from back pain.”

The Importance of Good Posture

Your posture affects more than just your appearance; it impacts everything from your health, mood, communication, and even productivity. The simple act of straightening up your posture and pulling your shoulders back can help you put your best foot forward, all the time. – Learn more

A Simple Solution

The Lumo Lift is a small, lightweight wearable solution to posture. Worn near your collarbone, it gently vibrates every time you slouch to remind you to sit tall and stand straight. Its unique biomechanic motion sensors have the ability to track your posture and activity levels throughout the day for progress tracking via the Lumo Lift app.
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Get Better Posture
Teach your Lumo Lift what good posture looks like to you, and it will make sure that you maintain beautiful, confident posture all day long through subtle vibrations whenever you slouch.

Haptic Feedback
Get real-time feedback on your posture and activity levels to motivate you to sit up straighter and to get up and move more.

Track Your Progress
Keep track of your posture and activity progress over time through the companion Lumo Lift app. Get insights into your posture hours, step count, distance travelled and calories burned.

Ready to develop better posture?

It’s not about drastic, life-altering changes. It’s the simple, habit changes that can truly improve your life.
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